A new way to see your porn collection



Scenerixx is a free to use Java application that helps you sorting your porn collection.

No more cumbersome folder-structures that never will be 100% perfect. Just know what you have and where you have it.

You know exactly what you are looking for? No matter if persons, type of movies or specific type of acts, Scenerixx tells you where you have it.

Not sure what you are looking for? Let Scenerixx inspire you by showing you categories on movies and persons. Or use its search.


0.0.9 - aurora - beta


========== 0.0.9 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-06-24 -----------------
[New Feature]
* Smart Start - starts a movie with the intro-bookmark or, if it's not available, with the first scene.
  No need to skip legal disclaimers and logos manually anymore.
* "Tip of the day" to help beginners to get an overview

* external programs can now be configured via options (no need to use the path-variable anymore)
* improved speed while searching medium files
* repainting of the movie list after saving any details has been improved drastically
* options to order playlists by name or date of creation
* only ask to change also the dates of scenes if there are any scenes
* the "private description" textarea was sometimes askew
* improved some error messages
* added several checks 

* renaming files on an unavailable device resulted in unwanted results
* deleting scenes was not always working
* sometimes an outdated screencap was shown

* new import files (33 females, 15 males, 22 movies)